MPE02 : Radiation biology for medical physicists in radiology

MPE02 : Radiation biology for medical physicists in radiology

Module 2

Registration fee: € 470

Reduced registration fee: € 250

Reduced registration fees are available upon request for the first 6 applicants of one of the following countries (with a maximum of 2 participants per country):

Albania, Belarus, Bosnia Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine.

The registration fee covers the costs of the course.

Due to force majeure, fees may be adjusted at the moment of registration. In that case, all applicants will be contacted individually.

Additional information is listed below:

Food & drinks (coffee breaks)

In the nearby University Cafeteria, a coffee and a brioche can be bought for € 2.00 (optional)


In the nearby University Cafeteria, a meal can be bought for a price € 5.00 to € 7.50 (optional)

Lodging of participants

Cheap accommodation in University Colleges is available on request, by contacting the Module Leader upon application. Indicative cost: € 150€ (from Sunday to Saturday).


A bus ride in Pavia costs € 1.30. Trains from/to Milan Central Station cost € 4.00 one way. Buses from Milan Airport to Milan Central Station cost € 8.00 one way. Any of the Milan airport is a convenient choice for traveling to Pavia.

Facultative visits to companies, hospitals, musea, guided tour of the city, … social events


Conference dinner

Dinner in a typical Italian restaurant in the city center will be organized during the week, for around € 30.00 per participant (optional)